[FEATURE REQUEST] SM16 Spool Page Tweaks
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 6/6/2017 at 1:13 PM
The latest version seems to have addressed the issue with long email addresses in the Sender column causing the table to be too wide, however, now there's just a bunch of wasted space in the spool table making it hard to read.  So here are a few of my suggestions:
1) In the filename column, remove ".eml" from each row.
2) In the Spool Path column, assuming Sub-Spools are always called "SubSpool##", then just use the number of the SubSpool rather than the entire word (and figure out a shorter name for the header)
3) On my particular view the Recipients column has a computed width which is way too wide.  Seems like 105px will work for that column.  Also, center the data in each row for readability.
4) The Size column also has more width than needed - looks like 65px will work.  Also, right-align the data for readability.
5) Combine the Attempts & Time In Spool columns, so each row say "# / 1h 03m".  I know that'll eliminate the ability to sort each column individually but I would imagine that sorting by time in spool is more accurate than attempts and would put the data in the same order as the attempts.  The column heading can just be "Attempts" to keep it short.
6) Priority - the column heading can go unless something is needed to click for sorting, in which case make the word shorter (or make it an icon).  Change the words used "Normal" / "Low" / "High" and replace them with icons (probably just for low / high, no icon needed for normal).
7) Status - shorten the names of each possible status.  For example "Waiting to Deliver" could just be "Waiting" - or change each status to an icon with a tooltip.
8) Next attempt - for each row, show a time if the next attempt is on the same day as the current date, otherwise show a date (or even better, a relative date) with a tooltip available to show the specific time.  That could create issues with i18n but I'm sure it's possible.
And lastly, I mentioned on another thread that IMO the padding in each table cell is a bit much creating too much white-space on a page where there is (potentially) lots of data to look at.  Table cells are currently padded at 10px - perhaps 5px would work better.
The combination of all these things would make the spool page usable on tablet+ size screens.  The only time it would be non-optimal is on a huge display (2000px + wide) but perhaps at that size get rid of the icons and use the text again.

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Nothing has changed with this in Version 16.0.6369 (June 9).
Any chance this can be marked as under consideration?
1 plus
I agree. There is a lot of wasted space.
This hasn't changed in version 16.0.6390 from June 30.  Could this be marked as under consideration or declined please?
This issue is delaying our upgrade for version 16, because for us a clear view of what is going on in the spool is very very important.

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