Possible Bug: Upgrade from SM 15 to 16 creates new IIS site when specified not to
Problem reported by - June 6, 2017 at 6:52 AM
Hey guys. Just wanted to report a possible bug. Last night I upgraded a customer's server from SM 15 to the latest 16. They were using IIS with SM 15 before the upgrade. As I was doing the upgrade, the SM 16 installer told me it found the IIS site and it gave me options whether to use the one that was already there, create a new one, etc... I chose to use the one that was already there. When I was finished, I took a look at IIS and I see that the installer created a new SM site and started that one up instead of using the one I already had there. I had to stop the one it created and start the one that was there from before. I just wanted to report this because I think it's a bug. Thanks.

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