DKIM signing and third party email domain.
Question asked by Debby Coutinho - 6/6/2017 at 6:47 AM
Please advise if this can be done or note, or what is required to do this.
We have a customer whom wants to send out mails via our servers, ie mail spooling,  We have a test SM server setup with a domain name which is not the clients domain name, ie we have given the client a user account on the servers domain, which is domain key signed and has spf defined etc.
The issue here is they are sending the emails out as if it is coming from their domain, and I am sure the emails are not being signed, They were sending mails to their local server and it was spooling via our servers, however they have moved to outlook365 for their office mails and their statement app is now configured to spool mails directly via us using that account. And their mails are going to the junk mail folders. Do I have to add their domain to the server, setup a user on it, and configure dkim signing on their domain, and publish this record in their own dns zone ?

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