DKIM signing not including headers
Problem reported by Paul White - 6/5/2017 at 3:26 PM
I am running the latest version of Smartermail 16.  Just updated to the June 2, 2017 update, but haven't rebooted the server yet.  Problem is when I update my DKIM settings for a domain, it stops including the list of headers to use.  The result is when the DKIM signature is sent there is no h= value, and google then says
 dkim=neutral (bad format) header
Am I doing something wrong, or will this be fixed soon?
Any domains in which I haven't updated the DKIM since migrating to SM16 still work fine other than Google lets me know that 512 length key is weak.

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Paul White Replied
on the DKIM settings I changed the Header Fields to use to:
All Non Repeatable, and then it started sending the header fields as its supposed to.
For some reason when I had it to All Fields Specific it would not include the header fields into the DKIM information on the outgoing emails.  That could be a bug.

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