Issues with Smartermail v16.0.6355
Problem reported by Jason Earle - 6/5/2017 at 9:39 AM
This is a very unstable version and should not of been released to the public yet. Now we have upgraded and I have hundreds of employees complaining about various issues. Please resolve these.
1) Clicking reply to an email in Edge sends users back to the logout URL once the reply popup window opens (Not Always)
2) Users cannot disable email preview screen (Big no-no for our accounting team), or resize panes
3) Cannot print from Edge or IE11, both cannot print an entire email, 1 shows a frame the other the last message.
4) Cannot click an email to open it when doing an archive search
5) Cannot expand folder list without automatically navigating to that folder
6) Some Hyperlinks will not open for users
7) Version 16 runs much slower when navigating the system especially the search

Jason Earle

IT Systems Administrator
JCL Investments Inc. | https://www.jclinc.ca

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Paul White Replied
I have the same issues as you. If I had know SM16 was going to be like this I would have stuck with 15. The whole interface feels like they made it for Mobile, and never got around to adding decent responsive CSS for desktop browsers. Hopefully they will resolve these issues quickly.

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