Backup MX service offers?
Question asked by Steve Reid - 11/25/2014 at 12:55 PM
I am looking for someone outside of our network to provide backup MX service for our Smartermail server which is only for our small company. We have very little traffic.
Do any of you Smartermail admins offer this service? I need to keep costs down so I am hoping it will be cheaper than running our own VPS somewhere.

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Joe Wolf Replied
There are several free backup MX services out there, but it's my opinion that such services are not needed for most admins.

If your server is located in your office that might suffer significant down time (fire, natural disaster, etc.) then it would be good to have a backup MX off site.

If your server is located in a modern data center then I see no reason to have a backup MX. These data centers have multiple redundant layers of protection. Even if you had a server failure most can have a new server up and running for you in a few hours. The RFC's require messages to be retried for up to 4 days, but most won't retry that long. There's no way to know the average, but it's probably around 24 hours.

When your primary server is up and running then just about 100% of all messages coming thru the backup MX are spammers.

A very effective anti-spam technique is to have at least 3 MX records. Both the highest and lowest priority MX records are dummies that end up to an IP Address with port 25 closed. Many spammers will skip you if your highest priority MX is closed (they think they're blocked) and those that always send to the lowest priority (nearly always spammers) will also be blocked. Only valid SMTP servers will find the middle MX record and deliver the messages.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, -Joe
Steve Reid Replied
Our server is located in house. The problem is our area suffers from a lot of power outages ranging from an hour to a few. I am just used to having a safety net with a backup mx, also I can reboot smartermail whenever I want.
Merle Wait Replied
mmm we might be able to assist, we have 2 'centers' so we serve as our own MX backup. You can contact me via gca @ availx.com
MD Wait
Sood Soodio Replied
Bruce Barnes Replied
Steve, contact me and let's make this work for you.
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