MailTo URI scheme handling for smarter mail 16 and greater.
Question asked by Jonathan Heintzeman - June 2, 2017 at 11:21 AM
There are guides on how to set up browser base email services for browser links with the "mailto" URI scheme. The article "How to make webmail your default email in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera" (google to find)​ explains how you can even enter custom url addresses.
What is the custom url address for smarter mail 16 and greater?
I imagine it is something like:
Your help would be appreciated.

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This is close but the address does not autofill. Also, if you are not logged in, it will not forward you to the compose page once you complete login.
Antonin Moy Replied
It doesn't seems to work with 16.3.6522 . Any other way ?

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