MailTo URI scheme handling for smarter mail 16 and greater.
Question asked by Shawn Hyde - 6/2/2017 at 11:21 AM
There are guides on how to set up browser base email services for browser links with the "mailto" URI scheme. The article "How to make webmail your default email in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera" (google to find)​ explains how you can even enter custom url addresses.
What is the custom url address for smarter mail 16 and greater?
I imagine it is something like:
Your help would be appreciated.

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Shawn Hyde Replied

This is close but the address does not autofill. Also, if you are not logged in, it will not forward you to the compose page once you complete login.
Antonin Moy Replied
It doesn't seems to work with 16.3.6522 . Any other way ?
Remi Heppell Replied
Still not working in version 8125. 

Feature request : add possibility to assign SmarterMail website as default email handler on browser set as default mail program on any OS using mailto URL scheme.

This feature should have more Up vote for it, but not many tech know this is a possibility now.

Now all major browser offer the possibility to be assign as default Mail program. Inside those browser, you can specify with website is assign by default to respond to MailTo request.

This is done by using navigator.registerProtocolHandler function :
See in developer.mozilla.org and search for the function.
Exemple use :
navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto", webmail.domaine.com/interface/root#/popout/email/?to=%s", "SmarterMail client")

Parameters available in RFC 2368

mailto:mail@example.com?subject=test&body=body test.&attach=path-to-local-file

All the following mail client accept the attach=path-to-file

    The Bat!
    eM Client
    IBM Notes
    Apple Mail
    iOS Mail App
    K-9 Mail

More and more client are asking us if there is a way to use SmarterMail directly instead of installing email client's software locally on computer because they use only SmarterMail in webbrowser.

Thanks for taking this feature into consideration!
Employee Replied
Employee Post
@Remi, I came across this request you put in it's own thread and changed it to "Under Consideration", Add possibility to assign SmarterMail website as default email handler 

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