BUG: SM16 Mailing List Issues
Problem reported by Shaun Peet - May 29, 2017 at 4:40 PM
Prepared a video showcasing some strange issues in the Mailing Lists area:
Things to note:
1) Visiting the list of lists there's options to create new lists
2) In the list of lists, the # of subscribers shows for all lists
3) When editing a list, the # of subscribers doesn't show at the top
4) When editing a list, the page wants a Webmail URL and a Password (boxes appear yellow)
5) When editing a list, even if no changes are made to the settings, navigating to any other page triggers the "unsaved changed" dialog
6) Going back to the list of lists, there's no longer an option to create a new list
For #6 - if you look carefully there's a double-slash "//" in the URL. There's only a single slash when visiting the list of lists the first time around.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Thanks, Shaun. This is odd: the New Iist issue was a bug but it was resolved in the last minor. I'm not sure why you're seeing it. Are there any errors in the console?
As for #3, I've not seen this and in all of our mailing lists, the subscribers show as expected. 
#'s 4 and 5 we're aware of. This is actually a bug that reappeared: it's taking your last cached login and inserting those into the Webmail URL and Password for any list you edit. We'll get this resolved in the next minor. 
#6 is odd as well and not something we've seen, so we'll look into it. Thanks for the config file in the ticket...it will certainly help. 
Derek Curtis
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Installed the latest minor and nothing has changed with respect to this.
After doing a little more digging I've learned that for #3 - the number of subscribers in the list seems to have an effect on whether or not the number appears when editing a list.  In all my testing so far, 1,000 seems to be the magic number.  Any list with 1,000 or more subscribers the number doesn't show up.  Lists with less than 1,000 seem to show fine. (although in my testing I don't have lists with exact numbers to work with - I had lists with ~20, ~50, ~500, ~1200, ~4000, etc) and it seems to be when getting into 4 digits that the issue occurs.
#4 and #5 still happen with the latest minor.
#6 still happens as well. 
Just wanted to clarify something - #4 and #5 seem to only happen when using Chrome.  The only other browser I try things with is Edge and those issues don't happen there.
This bug still exists in Version 16.0.6369 (June 9).
According to the discussion / answer I linked to on StackOverflow, if you specify a field name in the autocomplete attribute of the input box instead of just "off" then that should fix your problems.
So <input type="password" autocomplete="list-id-password" ... />
I'm guessing that you'll want to put the actual list ID into the autocomplete attribute value rather than a generic "mailing-list-password" in case there is one mailing list on the domain with a password then it would autocomplete on the other mailing lists.  So "list-10-password" would be the value as an example.
The other one would be <input type="text" autocomplete="list-id-webmailurl" ... />
Chrome isn't auto-completing any other fields on the page so just changing those two should work.
Also, for any list with more than 1000 subscribers, the number of subscribers still isn't appearing at the top of the page when editing a list.  This doesn't seem to have anything to do with how much room is available - I've tried hiding the left-pane navigation and went full screen on an enormous monitor - if there's 1000+ subscribers the number does not show at the top of the edit page.
These issues are all resolved in Version 16.0.6376 (Jun 16, 2017).  Please update the status of this thread.

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