Gitting "domain does not exist" when on remote web browser
Question asked by Franklin Lerum - 5/24/2017 at 10:26 AM
SmarterMail Version - 16.0.6348
When I use the web browser on the server with the URL of "localhost/interface/root#/sysadmin/manage", I can manage the various domains and users for them just fine.  When I'm on my work computer accessing the Admin site via "my.domain.com/interface/root#/sysadmin/manage", all works fine except I can not manage any domain users.  The Manage Domain screen showing the details on the domain's configuration works but when I click on the Manage button, and select the Admin account to impersonate, all I get is the top banner with all "0" on the boxes and a message in the lower right hand corner of the screen displaying "domain does not exist" in a red box.
I really don't want to RDC in to the server to manage user account.  What am I missing?
Thank you!

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Franklin, I'm sorry that you are experiencing difficulties when trying to manage domains.  When the impersonation window opens can you inspect the page and look at the browser console.  Are there any errors?
Franklin Lerum Replied
Thanks for taking the time to write. Using Firebug I did not see any error in the console. If I log into the server as the admin for a domain I can manage it's users, just not when logged in a the SmarterMail Admin account. PS: The SmarterMail Admin account is NOT an email address, Does it need to be?
Thank you.

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