Setting up Reverse DNS for Smartermail?
Question asked by Francis Gibbons - May 22, 2017 at 1:44 PM
Hello All,
I'm running Smartermail 15.5 on a Windows 2012 system. I have multiple domains running email off my server using IP x.x.x.19. However, my one domain gets a rDNS rejected email from time to time saying:
Reason: Failed to connect to the recipients mail server.  No DNS information
was found for the '' domain.
Status: 544 5.4.4 Host not found (not in DNS).
But if you do a rDNS lookup it comes back to which is my hosting company and not which is my customer. However my IP hosting company only allows me to setup rDNS for 1 domain so I can't add along with all other domains sending mail out of x.x.x.19. So with that said how should I setup smartermail to handle reverse DNS for this IP so all mail will be valid with rdns?
Frank G.

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