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Problem reported by Lenny Estrin - 4/15/2014 at 6:50 AM
we have SmarterMail Version - 12.0.5178 installed.
There is e-mail forward configured on one of e-mail addresses (lets say a@abc.com), forwarding to e-mail address (lets say b@bcd.com) hosted on the same server however this forward does not work always. If e-mail is sent from Internet (some@email.com) to a@abc.com, it is forwarded to b@bcd.com successfully, however if web application hosted on the same server sends e-mail from a@abc.com to a@abc.com, it will appear in a@abc.com inbox, however wont be forwarded to b@bcd.com.
What could be the reason for this?

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Hi, Alex. I know you got a response to this from our support staff, but I wanted to post the reason just in case anyone else sees this issue.
Forwarding from a local domain to a local domain shouldn't be an issue. However, if there are any filters in place, then that *could* impact the forward. In your case, there was a Internal Blocked Senders filter set that was removing the forward.
Thanks for the question.
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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Vincent Allen Replied
I know this has been resolved for the OP, but I am experiencing a similar issue except I am only set for default spam filtering and this does not involve local domain issues. I have my account set to forward email to an account at another domain and to delete messages once they've been forwarded. When I go to SmarterMail, there are several messages in my inbox that were never forwarded (nor deleted for that matter). For the most part they are things like newsletter subscriptions -- all my important email seems to get forwarded properly -- but I am concerned I may miss something since I don't log-in to SmarterMail very often.
Liz Morgan Replied
My situation is similar to Vincent.  Not sure why in the past month or so I'm finding important emails still in my inbox that were never forwarded.  Often from senders that I've received mail from in the past or initiated contact with first via gmail using my smartermail account as an alias.  How can I prevent this?

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