Smarter Mail 16 Performance And Bugs
Problem reported by Bryan Zimmerman - 5/19/2017 at 10:26 AM
SmarterMail 16 is unusable in Pale Moon x64 for which I had been using SmarterMail 15.x in since inception.  On a local LAN with the mail server it takes 4-5 seconds to switch between inbox items.  It also takes 4-5 seconds to switch between menu commands at top.  Internet explorer is tolerable but performance is slow compared to 15.x
1. The RSS feeds to do mark only new items since last read.  They always mark all items as new again during a refresh or when visiting the page after period of time.
2. Drag and drop does not work on either Pale Moon(Firefox) or Internet Explorer.
Bryan Z

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Hey, Bryan
Thanks for these. Pale Moon is something we haven't tested on, though we did test extensively on Firefox. I'm thinking Pale Moon may be a bit behind on their implementation of CSS3 and HTML5...looking at their page, they do state that while it's "extensive" it's also "growing". I can definitely see the issues you've mentioned. We'll look into it some more. 
Derek Curtis
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Bryan Zimmerman Replied
Thank you for verifying.
Bryan Zimmerman Replied
Another issue - when using calendar in Google Chrome if the description contains a large amount of text such as a google hangouts call.  I am unable to copy and paste information as it shows ... after truncation.  In Pale Moon previous to 16 I was never able to copy paste from reminders/calendar entries.

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