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Question asked by Erik White - 5/16/2017 at 6:40 PM
using postman to test out the web service API calls. Was able to successfully create a user, then when pasting the code into a test form on a website (technically hosted on the same server as the smartermail installation) I am getting a 405 CORS issue. The clue i have is that postman apparently can bypass all permissions and cors issues, being a chrome extension (security issue #1 seeing as how i was able to successfully create a user with it), however the API documentation leads me to believe I have to be calling the api functions from the same domain (i.e from a page within the same mail.smartermaildomain.com) is this true? it shouldnt be. I should be able to overcome the CORS issue and use an external site, right? I'm just setting it up wrong, I hope. 

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Pantheon Replied
Is this true? Will you get a CORS issue if trying to call a webservice from the main domain of the subdomain that the smartertrack installation is on? Like if you try to call a webservice from a page on www.mainsite.com as opposed to calling on smartertrack.mainsite.com will it return a CORS policy issue?

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