is using robocopy the same as
Question asked by Lorne Moffat - 5/4/2017 at 11:30 AM
I was wondering what the difference is (if any) to the following when moving smartermail to new server.
copy the C:\smartermail folder and then copy c:\program Files(x86)\smartertools\smartermail contents
as opposed to using robocopy


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Employee Replied
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Hi Lorne.  The benefit of using Robocopy according to this KB Article is that the tool is essentially run twice.  Once to migrate the data from one server to the next.  The 2nd time it's run, Robocopy will look for changes to the folders (new mail since the 1st Robocopy operation), and only copy those changes.
Paul Blank Replied
Robocopy can also be used after a "normal" (or non-robocopy) copy operation. It can still be set to only copy changed files.
User Replied
Yes, it can.

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