Greylisting numerous times
Problem reported by Jay Altemoos - May 2, 2017 at 7:47 AM
Good morning everyone. Has anyone had issues with the Greylisting feature in SM? We are running SM Enterprise Version 15.5.6284. Basically what appears to be happening is email addresses are getting Greylisted numerous times before they are being delivered. A client of ours called yesterday about an email they were waiting for that took 2 hours to get delivered to them. We have our Greylisting set up to set the block time to 1 minute and the Pass period is set to 360 minutes. So from my understanding, a new email address will be essentially told to resend after 1 minute. So if the mail server adheres to that time frame it has up to 6 hours to resend it again. So with that said, checking my logs files I found that the sending mail server waited 15 minutes to resend the message but was Greylisted again and the process repeated for about 2 hours. Then after the 2 hour mark the message went through fine with no further Greylisting. The problem here that I see is that it seems Greylisting is broken and does not honor the settings I have set. Anyone else have this same issue? i emailed support already on it and for now I disabled the Greylisting on this customers domain.

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