Defining Incoming Gateways IP
Problem reported by Tina Cline - April 21, 2017 at 1:27 PM
We have changed our SMTP Out to choose "Domain Setting" so we can control which IP different domains send from. It used to be set to a specific IP, so all domains and Incoming Gateways that forward used the same one. Since we changed it, it works well for the hosted domains, but unfortunately, this led to all Incoming Gateway domains set to Domain Forward to send from the Primary IP of the server NIC, which we do not want. Can we specify IPs for the Domain Forward from those Gateways? SM version 15.5 
P.S. - We did open a ticket and they can reproduce this issue.  They are referring it to their technicians.  Just wondering if anyone has come across this and if they found a work around.

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