Too Many Addresses in Internal Blocked Senders List Causes All Incoming Mail to be Deleted?
Problem reported by Jim Rosemary - April 8, 2017 at 8:46 PM
(SM 15.5.6222)  Here's a new one...  A client called today to report that he stopped receiving all incoming mail.  No one else in his domain and no one else on the server was reporting any such issue.  He was using webmail, so it wasn't an issue with his settings (as it might have been had he been using Outlook or some other mail client).  I checked by sending him a message and, sure enough, nothing arrived in his Inbox. So, I checked the logs and found my message to him: "Delivery for [me] to [client] has completed (Deleted) Filter: Internal Blocked Senders".  All the other reported senders also showed the same "Internal Block Senders" log entry.  So, I opened his Internal Blocked Senders list and searched.  My address was not there and neither were any of the other senders he said could not get mail through to him.  I checked the "userConfig.xml" file on the server and the addresses matched what was visible from the webmail interface. (I wanted to verify that there were not additional addresses in the xml file that just weren't visible from the webmail interface.)  I then deleted all 6183 addresses in his Internal Blocked Senders lists (both "from specific address" and "from address" fields).  A second test message was then able to get through to him.
Could this be an indication that there's some kind of limit to the Internal Blocked Senders list?  Or, that when the list grows to a certain size. it simply blocks ALL incoming mail?  Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Please double-check to make sure this isn't an issue in v16.
Jim Rosemary
New Tech Web, Inc.

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Do you still have the list available to search through ?
Are there any wildcards that were in there ? - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. To date we have given away over 1,000 free computers.

We have this occasionally happen to users when they flag a Spam message with the Block Sender function but there is a NULL value for the address. A NULL value in the Block Senders list has the same results as a wildcard.
Although then again, I don't think we've had any users with > 6000 addresses in their Block Sender list. The highest any of our users have is the @ 4800.
Just had this happen today to a customer. In addition to the <> value the problem can occur with the following characters in an email address:
! (although an allowed character for UUCP Bang-Path & Hybrid Addresses under RFC-822, 2822 and 5322 RegEx treats a bang similar to a *)
: and :: (although an allowed character for Route-Addr Address and DEC/FidoNet Addresses under RFC-822, 2822 and 5322 RegEx treats a colon as a non-capturing group)
% (although "Ye Olde Arpanet Kludge" addresses have not been RFC compliant for over 30 years almost every MTA still supports them...not sure if Smartermail does or not)
I would assume that the other 12 RegEx reserved characters in an email address would result in similar symptoms:
Hope that helps narrow down searches when trying to find the needle in the Blocked Senders Filter haystack.
Which brings us to a quandary...perhaps SmarterMail should be sanitizing email addresses prior to adding them to the Blocked Senders Filter to prevent addresses containing special characters from filtering all incoming email. Maybe this should be turned into a request thread.
I just had the same thing happen to me.  had over 9000 blocked senders.  Cut and pasted them to an excel spreadsheet and email started coming in however all email from the past 2 days is still missing.  Any way to retrieve?
If you have Mail Archiving enabled in SmarterMail you can restore any messages that were deleted by going to MANAGE > MESSAGE ARCHIVE SEARCH and entering the "Date Range" and "TO:" email address. Once those messages are found you would select ALL and click on [COPY TO MAILBOX] and enter the first part of the email address (i.e. example if the email address is example@domain.tld) in the "Username" field and usually Inbox in the "Folder" field to restore to.
Note: You have to have cleared the Blocked Sender that contained the invalid character prior to restoring any messages otherwise they will just get deleted again.

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