Unable to forward to ANY domain
Problem reported by Astralis - 3/16/2017 at 12:15 PM
When trying to forward mail to ANY domain -- whether it's a free email service such as gmail, hotmail or a private email service -- I receive a message that says:
Could not deliver message to the following recipient(s):

Failed Recipient: xxxx@gmail.com
Reason: Failed to connect to the recipients mail server. No DNS information was found for the 'gmail.com' domain. 

-- The header and top 20 lines of the message follows --
Please advise.

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Employee Replied
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Hello Astalis.  From your description, the server hosting SmarterMail is not properly resolving DNS.
Log in as the Sys Admin and go to Settings >> General Settings.  Change the DNS settings to Google's DNS servers of and  Afterwards, restart the SmarterMail service and then test this again.  I hope this helps.
Astralis Replied
Thank you! That fixed it. Any idea what is happening, obviously not a SM issue, I think...

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