How to solve encryption issue?
Question asked by FlexWS - 3/11/2017 at 5:23 PM
I have set TLS for port 25 and port 587 in the SmarterMail settings, so uers can set their encryption level to TLS in their mail program, so that's fine.
But when I send a mail to gmail.com, SmarterMail connects and gets a STARTTLS response, but does it actually do anything with it? I've seen TLS things in the logs, but it does not seem to do TLS over there?
When the message is delivered, gmail will also show "domain.com did not encrypt this message" when you look into it.
Have I forgotten something, or how can I fix this?

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FlexWS Replied
If someone else is looking for this, I missed the checkbox at the settings -> protocol settings -> smtp out -> enable tls if supported by the remote server

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