Event Domain->Domain Added not firing
Problem reported by Dave Lerner - March 4, 2017 at 4:06 PM
SM 15.5.6222
Added Domain Event for Domain Added, with no conditions, but tick box for Enabled. On Actions tab, I put in a simple batch file just to create a text file (verified it works manually). When I create a new domain on the server, the even does not trigger the batch file. The server runs as System, so permissions aren't an issue. And, I have several other batch files and powershell scripts to do various things upon various events, and they all work...but not this one.
I want to have a batch file run every time a domain is created to put in some specific things we like to configure for all domains, like hostmaster/abuse/postmaster aliases, etc. Nothing complicated. The script works fine...when run manually, but again, won't run from the Event trigger.
Has anyone seen this with this specific event? So odd all my other events work fine, just not this one.
Thoughts, ideas? Thanks!

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