Cannot create a domain with name which begins by 'mail.'
Problem reported by Alexey Mikhailov - 3/1/2017 at 1:06 AM


We have a problem described in ticket: 3C6-20480D59-0B52.
"Cannot create a domain with name which begins by 'mail.'"

There is reply which explains that it is expected behaviour and here is a KB:
"Domains with Names Like Disappear"

Thank you for quick reply but let me provide a feedback for this SmarterMail feature.

First of all, it is very not expected for us. And it is realy a problem for us. We are migrating from another mail server to SmarterMail server. Source server has a lot of domains and migration fails because of this strange feature.

Next, it is absolutely not clear that such feature exists at all. Because:

1. There are no error messages when you create 'mail' domain in SmarterMail administrator. The window just closes and it looks like domain is created. But there is no new domain in the domain list. It looks very strange and not clear.

2. There is no 'mail' alias in aliases list of the domain. It is internal. How can I know that it exists? Are there other internal aliases. I cannot remove it. I cannot rename it. How can I manage it?

3. If you create firstly 'mail' domain and then not 'mail', both domains are created without problem. And 'mail' domain does NOT disappear. At least in current version 15.5. I.e. KB has wrong information. So the order of domains creation leads to different results. Is it right? I think obviously not.

4. I think that it is good that 'mail' domain does not disappear as it described in KB. Because in another way it means that during creation of not 'mail' domain: (1) old 'mail' domain is renamed, (2) his name becomes a name of hidden alias. I.e. you push the 'New' button but get rename of another domain and removing of management for 'mail' alias. It is absolutely unpredictable behaviour.

BTW, domain rename function does not work in SmarterMail administrator without error messages too (but it works through API).

My suggestions:

1. An option in SmarterMail to turn off or on this feature.

2. Internal aliases should be not internal. They should be added in aliases list of the domain.

3. SmarterMail should display a error message when domain is not created. Domain creation form should not be closed.

I belive you can improve this feature to fix the problem .
Thank you a lot.

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Issue: Creating new domain like will vanish if already present on SmarterMail.
Cause: SmarterMail handles sub-domains in the backend, and entering is not necessary. is sufficient for mail handling.
Notes: A feature request has been entered to advise the user of this functionality and avoid vanishing domains.

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