SMTP Priority’s need some TLC
Idea shared by J Lee - 2/24/2017 at 12:22 AM
Hi Guys
I have re-written and re-posted, hoping to get more support.
Current Mail Priority does not work the way I think it should.
If an email bounces delivery it should follow priority list? Bounces should use Priority 1 outgoing SMTP, if that fails, then Priority 2 outgoing SMTP should be used and so on. Until priority list ends, then bounce message to sender as undeliverables.
When I have tested the priority settings on bounce I don't see that it is doing anything.
Other issues.
1. Add SMTP Account allows you to send from a different email address or server from inside Smartermail. What I would like is to be able to set the SMTP account as default for an email address. So all outgoing mail from that email address uses that SMTP server. One of the supporting ideas behind this is the dreaded problem of the customer that wants to forward all their mail to comcast or ATT. With this option I would hope to avoid blacklisting my main server, and blacklist a dummy server instead. Not a perfect solution but would not affect other users on the server.
2. The ability to encrypt by domain folder.
3. OpenPGP, cert generator and webmail integration.

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