Force TLS on 587
Question asked by Tony Evers - February 22, 2017 at 8:45 PM
I've seen a thread related to this tonight,  and even bumped that thread tonight on this issue, but just in case I'm not completely understanding I'm posting this as a new thread in as concise a way as possible.

If users want to send via our smarter mail server using outlook, thunderbird, etc, and they want to be unencrypted - go ahead and use port 25 - see if I care.  I know 25 has to remain unencrypted in order for the world of email to function.  However if you are authenticating using 587, I want to force you to use and encrypted connection.  
Am I right that this is not possible at this time?  I'm doing some testing and it allows me to connect via 587 with an unecrypted connection, even though I have TLS turned on that port.

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Tony Evers Replied
Are you cereal? There are zero replies to this...what am I missing - is it that dumb a question?
Rod Lasky Replied
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Hello Tony.  Even if TLS is enabled for ports 25/587, an unencrypted connection is still available. 
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