Missing Mails / .grpold .grptemp
Problem reported by Falk Brockerhoff - 1/25/2017 at 6:22 AM
Hello smartermail community and team,
today one of our customers reported that many mails of one day (23th January) are missing. The grp file of this day has a size of ~11.000 KB. In our backup from the 24t January I see that this grp file was originally 88.670 KB. So there is a big size difference between the actual file in the productive environment and the backup file. That shows me that mails which were there are missing now.
But here comes what makes me really wonder: There are two other files in the productive environment:
Size: 88.670 KB => Same as the backup,
Date modified: 24th January, 00:46 AM

Size: 88.549 KB
Date modified: 24th January, 11:09 AM
So my questions are: What are these two files? Which mechanism or (error-)behaviour creates them? Did someone noticed them also in context with missing mails?
My current SmarterMail Version is 15.4.6151.
Kind regards,

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Stefano Vassena Replied
We are having any sort of problem in the latest weeks, missing mail, bad sync, outlook crash.  Today one user lost entire calendar in outlook and we found that the XML online (even in the backup of serveral days before) was clean, so the Active sync never update calendar online, but no error was shown in outlook.
Bruce Barnes Replied
SmarterMail version,
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Falk Brockerhoff Replied
Hello Bruce,

the most important thing I forget: Our current Version is 15.4.6151.
Falk Brockerhoff Replied
Like I see this thread was tagged as "known". Does this mean, that missing mails in combination with grpold and grptemp files are a known problem?
Falk Brockerhoff Replied
But I don't thing that this is a problem of a single version. We had also complains about missing mails in previous versions.

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