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Idea shared by Antonio ricci - 1/24/2017 at 3:47 AM
In these days there has been a theft of passwords to some accounts the SmarterMail mail. This has generated the massive sending numerous emails creating problems to the server. I realized why I configured on the server an alert that warns me when a user sends more than a certain number of email. I say to the suggestion that the SmarterMail technicians is to insert an option in which when a user or a domain Iniva a number of emails in a down period, the system automatically locks the account or domain inviado then a mail notify the server administrator. this prevents the spool is filled with email.
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Hi Antonio. My company, Mail's Best Friend, offers a 100% free product that can be used with SM that will prevent mass spam messages from being sent out of your server in the event of a compromise. The product is called Declude Hijack. You can download the Declude Suite here: http://mailsbestfriend.com/downloads. A lot of folks who use SM are also using the Declude suite or parts of the suite that they need. When you install Declude, it will install ALL modules (anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-hijack). If you only want to use the Hijack module, after you install Declude, go to the Declude folder and rename the global.cfg to global.cfg.off and rename the virus.cfg to virus.cfg.off. This will leave only the Hijack module running. You will also see a file in your Declude directory called HijackNotify.eml. Open this file and change the TO address to an address of your choice where you would like to receive a notification if Hijack stops spam from leaving your server. If you receive a notification, you can then log into your server and check out the spam being held. It will also tell you which account has been compromised so you can disable it in SM. You can find the instruction manual for Hijack at the same link that I gave you above. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
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Hi linda, I can see it also in smartermail report. In smartemail report is indicate the user spammer. so I can Block it. I have suggest an automatic procedure to block user or domain in case of hijack.
In smartermail is also possible to set mail alert when a user send more than x mail in a limit time.
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