Smartermail features list request/voting
Idea shared by Jay Altemoos - 1/13/2017 at 9:45 AM
Good day everyone. The reason for my post today is to get some feedback and community voting involved for some features that really should be included in SmarterMail and make the product that much better.
1. Automatic white listing. Have the ability no matter what device you are sending an email from (PC or mobile device), that when an email is sent through SmarterMail that the recipient's email get added to the trusted senders list automatically for the person that is sending the email. This also should include anyone using POP, IMAP, Webmail, etc. Currently the only way to add someone to the trusted senders list is to have the user select an email, right-click and choose unblock sender. 99% of my users use an email client and most don't care to use the web mail interface. 98% of the users that use a email client use the  Plus with mobile devices becoming more and more common place, most of those users don't have an unlimited data plan, so setting them up with IMAP is not an option. I would think that programming this into the software would not be too difficult. If there was a issue at any point, we can still police that user's trusted sender list is someone did get compromised. Automatic safe listing in my opinion should have been something included from the start. In my opinion it makes no sense to have a user's email subjected to spam filtering all the time if a user emailed them previously.
2. Spam reporting from POP. I know that IMAP users can already perform this, but POP users are left out in the cold when it comes to reporting something as spam. The suggestion I have is having a feature either on the Global level on the server or on the domain level to have a special email address that the server would recognize as a spam report. When the email goes through SmarterMail it would see this and report the appropriate email as spam. For instance, user (a) gets a spam message in their inbox, they then forward the message to the spam listening account on the server. The server then takes the forwarded message and puts it into the appropriate junk E-mail folder for that user and the Bayesian rebuilds as specified. A previous spam filtering solution we were using was actually a proxy between the internet and the mail server. One of the features setup in the proxy software was a listening email address that users could submit spam emails to. The Bayesian database then rebuilt itself as needed to start trapping said emails. This made it really easy for users to report emails from any device and no matter what protocol their mail client was using (POP or IMAP)
3. Mobile interface auto-redirect. Mail server login page recognizes a mobile device and auto-redirects the user to the mobile interface. This is a complaint I get from bile users, in order for them to get to the mobile interface they have to click the link under the login section. On a cellphone with a small screen it's difficult to do. Most modern web pages if they have a mobile version detect the mobile automatically and show that to the mobile user on it's own without having to have the user click a mobile version link.

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4. Global domain Content filter defaults. It would be great if we could set a rule set up under the domain defaults section so we don't have to keep making the same rule sets over and over for each domain we host. For instance on our server we started blocking zip attachments outright because this is the most common form a malicious attachment would be delivered by. It's a pain to click through numerous domains to set this rule up.

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