EAS with Outlook. problem. LOST MAILS
Problem reported by Leo Sancassani - January 13, 2017 at 7:49 AM
Being Fixed
Hi to all, we have problem with Outlook2016 connected with EAS.
We have SM 15.4.6151 with 208 domains and 2.500 users. Just 20/30 users use EAS with Outlook and the problems seems just on user that use Outlook2016 + EAS .
If someone have problem same problem please can reply to me...so we can understand better what is happening.

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Try installing the latest update: https://portal.smartertools.com/news/root.aspx Added: A log entry is made whenever a delivery attempts an A record lookup. Added: Administrative logging for failed Exchange ActiveSync login attempts. Added: Auto-discovery configuration settings specific for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Added: Creating a new contact from the TO or CC field dropdown menu now auto-fills the Display As field. Added: If a display name is defined for the user, autoresponders now respond with the display name shown in the From address. Added: New logging for calendars. Fixed: Adding a contact from the TO or CC field dropdown menu no longer results in an Oops page. Fixed: Address information containing commas and synced with CardDAV no longer prefixes the comma with backslashes. Fixed: Attaching a shared calendar or task for an impersonated user, who has never logged into webmail, no longer creates a secondary calendar or task for that user. Fixed: Auto-discover now works with the Mac mail client. Fixed: Basic email search and advanced search now return proper results. Fixed: Calendar display bug with start and end times showing incorrectly. Fixed: Calendar event encoding when syncing with Exchange ActiveSync. Fixed: Calendars synced with SharePoint (Add to Outlook) with non-ASCII characters in their name now display correctly in Outlook. Fixed: Deleting a contact from the edit modal window now correctly displays the next contact. Fixed: Disabled users can no longer issue the APOP command to retrieve messages. Fixed: Email headers now properly fold on white spaces. Fixed: Exporting contacts to a CSV file no longer throws an exception when downloading the file. Fixed: IMAP migration and retrieval properly supports 8-bit MIME. Fixed: Importing a contact with no email address no longer causes an Oops page. Fixed: Issue when editing a file in File Storage that prevented any future interaction with that file. Fixed: Issue where certain messages may not leave the spool because of DNS lookup exceptions. Fixed: Issue where displaying certain messages could cause the interface to hang. Fixed: Propagating Authentication Mode or Active Directory domain settings to users now properly works. Fixed: UpdateUser2 web service method now properly updates a user's first and last name and no longer changes authentication mode to SmarterMail automatically. Fixed: Users with the same username as the domain name can now view domain calendar resources.
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Leo, what problems are you having specifically?
We have updated to 15.5. Same issue. Today 2 users, one with outlook 2013 and one with Outlook 2016, lost some emails. Logging in to webmail everything is ok. We are getting problems with active sync almost everyday and we are very disappointed because this problem is not new to smartertools but seem that nobody cares about this. The offical answers are also the same: "Update to latest version", or "buy a ticket" or "we don't have any problem in our tests".
We are workarounding the problem using IMAP on pc and using activesync only on mobile phone.
Seems like Urgent patch is in the works, is that right Smarter Tools?
Derek Curtis Replied
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Yeah, Matt commented on an early post, but I'll add this as a reply:
We have opened an incident with Microsoft on an issue where, when using EAS, moving messages from one folder to another, as well as in other cases, the proper commands aren't being issued back to the mail server. We've replicated it with Outlook and connecting to Outlook.com as well as Office 365, so it's not a SmarterMail issue but definitely an Outlook issue when using EAS. Hence the ticket with Microsoft. 
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Microsoft's proverbial feet must be held to the fire whenever issues such as these occur. The problem is that SmarterTools can be looked at as a "third party provider." IT heads and email admins can take some refuge behind "We're end-to-end Microsoft" when they are using (Exchange or Office 365) + Outlook, but when the mail server is provided by someone else, and Outlook doesn't perform as it should, the blame can come down disproportionately on IT/email management and the third party software provider. It may not be fair, but it is how things work in some environments.
Today other users with same problem. Outlook is resyncing everything. Every day same thing for someone. It's impossible to work this way

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