Blocking SMTP connections with MAIL FROM: <>
Question asked by Webio - 1/7/2017 at 10:21 AM
I'm wondering if in current state of SmarterMail 15.x (latest) allows blocking incoming SMTP connections where incoming message contains empty from field:
There is a place IMHO for this (Advanced Settings -> SMTP Blocking) where I can create new rule of type "Email address" but field "Blocked address" must be not empty so in my case it will not work.

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kevind Replied
Webio, are you getting an influx of spam from senders using MAIL FROM: <> ?
If so, it's because SmarterMail bypasses many spam checks including greylisting and PTR lookup when receiving messages from MAIL FROM: <>.  See this for more details:
I think this behavior should be changed as it gives spammers an open door. Maybe update this thread from a Question to a Problem so it can get fixed?

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