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Idea shared by John Marx - November 25, 2014 at 9:18 AM
Is there any way to include the "Inbox" for auto-clean? We just had a client ask to remove items old than xx days. 
If there is no way we will have to write an app for them to achieve this and would rather this be a built-in feature. 
Feature Request
As a feature request I would ask that this be on not only a domain level but user level. At the user level allow for every folder that exists in the user profile. If a user deletes a folder and there is an auto-clean rule for the folder to remove the rule automatically as well.
For administrators having a report, by user, stating which ones have specific folder auto-clean rules so that we know who has this set as well as being able to be emailed to let us administrators know who had XX messages erased in the cleaning process.

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We used to request granular auto-clean settings every time there was a beta and just gave up on the request.  It would be great if you could give the user the ability to control auto clean on inbox and user folders but still disable the ability on certain folders like spam and deleted.
Users can auto-clean their Inbox as long as it's allotted by the System Administrator. As the admin, log in and go to Settings > Storage > Folder Auto-Clean. On the Options tab, enable both settings for "Allow domains to override auto-clean settings" and "Allow users to auto-clean inbox." Now, when you change your auto-clean setting as a user, you'll have the option to select the Inbox. 

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
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