Smartermail 15.4 Service Stops working
Problem reported by Kiran Suthar - 12/27/2016 at 12:38 AM
I am using Smartermail 15.4 Pro and I am facing weird issue since last two days. In morning when I start I see the web interface is not working 
(Attached Smartermail Web Interface Error
Below is the screen shot of the windows service
I am using Smartermail since 2 years but have not faced such issue before.
There is no new installation of any other software on the server so not sure why this is happening.
To Solve this, I do following steps
1) Restart the server - as Service stop/start does not work
2) Run the smartermail setup and select "Repair" option and then it starts working.
Anyone has any idea - why such thing can happen ?

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jorge.mx.neto Replied
HI Kiran,

Check the windows system log to give you some idea what's happening.
Jay Altemoos Replied
Looking at the screen capture you provided, it appears that windows could not read the registry key for the SmarterMail service. Any chance you checked the permissions on the registry key? It should be located under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SmarterMail

Not sure why all of the sudden in the past 2 days this would have been an issue. If the registry key could not be read then it would have surfaced a lot sooner than this. I would start by checking the registry key to make sure the rights didn't get blown out some how. If they did, there's a possibility something is messing with them. Possible spyware/virus infection? At the very least, System and Administrators should have full control of that key.
Kiran Suthar Replied
Hi Jay,
Thanks for the proper reply.

>>Registry permissions:
I have not checked the change in permission here as I was not aware of this.
I am noting it down and monitoring it.

In regular antivirus scan there is no virus detected, I have started full scan on server to check if there is anything specific found.

I faced the same issue on 3rd continuous day also - In morning when we started, smartermail was down !!

I have contacted Smartermail Support but there is a time zone issue - Ideally they should work in all time zones at least for the paid support.

David Fisher Replied
  You can always try uninstalling and reboot, then installing again, that usually clears up quite a few issues.
   Make sure that SmarterMail is no longer listed under services after the uninstall, and be sure the description is proper and not displaying what it says in the screenshot.
   Right now it is the Christmas and New Years holiday week, so SmarterMail support might be a bit delayed.
Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Kiran. This is a Windows error not a SM error, but I'm sure you are already aware of that :) Question... when you right click the service and go to properties, do you get a message saying "The System cannot find the file specified"? If that's the case, it means something is deleting the SM executable file and by repairing the installation, you are putting it back where it belongs. I have seen malware and virus scanners eat exe's at random when the previous day everything was fine, That is the first place I would look. Please let me know if I can help in any way. :)
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