Can wildcards be used in the trusted senders list?
Idea shared by James Brown - 12/16/2016 at 9:31 AM
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Some senders use multiple sub domains when sending email.
the subdomain part changes and since I cannot anticipate what it will change to, can I add *.ebay.com as a trusted sender or will simply adding ebay.com as a trusted sender do the trick?

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James, you should be able to just add the domain. The SmarterMail Help says:
This section allows system administrators to exempt specific email addresses (such as jsmith@example.com) or domains (such as example.com) from SmarterMail's spam filtering.
So is the answer "yes"? Will listing the primary domain automatically include all sub-domains? Like the text in "Help", your answer is somewhat ambiguous
I would be interested to know if you can use actual wildcards in the Trusted Senders list.  For example, one of our clients uses a mass mailing service where their sending servers are named "domain.com", "domain1.com", "domain2.com", etc.  Can we just list "domain*.com" to list all variations at one time?
Jim Rosemary
New Tech Web, Inc.
Same problem here. Several major newsletter providers, including Mailchimp, send their newsletters from numerous different servers and subdomains. These are too numerous and unpredictable to list as trusted domains separately. Each newsletter uses a different server nearly every day. A typical one for Mailchimp is:
As a result, newsletters are going into spam folders. So I would like to use a wildcard and include all subdomains in trusted senders, like this:
But Smartermail does not allow this. Please implement this or tell me how to work around it.
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I have added the ability to use wildcards in the trusted senders list in our feature requests list for further discussion by the dev team. I'm changing this from a Question to an Idea thread and marking it as Under Consideration.

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