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Question asked by Sonny Vinyard - November 25, 2014 at 8:29 AM
After moving archives off of the server, I need to move them back so I can search them. How do I get them searchable again?

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Robert Emmett Replied
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Sonny, within the Archive folder there is an Indexed folder.  It contains both a daily ZIP that contains the EML files and a corresponding DAT file related to the indexing of that ZIP file.  You will need both the ZIPs and DATs.  Move them back into the Archive\Indexed folder.  You shouldn't have to restart the service after moving the files into that folder.
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What if the DAT files were removed? I only see ZIP files that were moved from the server to an archive folder.
Not sure how this relates, but after I copied the SM archive folder to a folder on a new drive, I changed the path setting in SM, stopped the SM Windows service, made sure that the archive files in the new location were fully up-to-date, and then restarted the SM service. It went very smoothly (did this at night), and it only took a couple of minutes to complete. A short time later, I deleted the original (now inactive) archive folder.
Do I decompress the email into an inhale folder? Does SmarterMail have a folder that it uses for inhalation?

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