Feature Request: Make Inbound Mail Filtering Optional
Problem reported by Terry Mann - December 2, 2016 at 6:54 AM
A few versions back, Smarter Tools started limiting inbound mail to SmarterTrack to ~3 emails per ~30 minutes. Ever since its implementation, it has caused countless headaches for our users who send in a large amount of tickets within a short time period.  The intent was good - prevent spammers from flooding our ticket inboxes. However, many of our departments can only receive internal emails so spam is not a concern and quite honestly, in the five years that we have been using ST, I am not aware of even one spam ticket coming in.
Please, build in an option that allows us to enable/disable this feature by department so that we can control this filtering action ourselves. This would prevent us from missing any would-be tickets that were never created because it triggered SmarterTrack's hard-coded threshold.

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