Clam AV: move instead of delete?
Question asked by Michael Kowalski - November 30, 2016 at 1:53 PM
Is there any way to have ClamAV move marked incoming email to a quarantine folder instead of deleting them automatically? Or moving them to the junk folder? I would like to check for false/positives since we get a lot of attachments. Currently checking the log, ClamAV automatically deletes the e-mails, so besides looking at some minimal information, it is very difficult to check.            

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Hi Michael. ClamAV has the option to quarantine viruses up to 30 days. Go into your Antivius administration and enable Clam's Real-Time AV. Set the quarantine to 15 or 30 days. Click the Real-Time AV tab and enter the path to a quarantine directory of your choice then click Save.
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Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Michael.  Go to Security >> Antivirus Administration >> Options tab.  Change the "Virus Quarantine" setting from None to 15/30 days.  
Afterwards, any messages flagged by ClamAV will not be deleted, but placed into a Virus Quarantine folder located at Manage >> Spool >> Virus Quarantine.  I hope this helps.
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Thanks guys, I will go ahead and do this. I saw this option, but for some reason was under the impression after reading that it was only for outbound messages.
Easy to check! : )

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