SM on win 2008 srv
Question asked by Richard Frank - November 29, 2016 at 6:25 PM
I have an win2008 srv whit latest on it.
Can I upgrade to SM 15.x?
I am at the point of upgrading the server but I think it's better to upgrade from 14.x to latest 15.x.
Shall I use 2016 or win2012r2?

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Yes, you can run sn SmarterMail on a licensed Windows 2008 service. Just make sure you rum under IIS, and have all the patches, both basic, and enhanced,
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Thanks Bruce. I will upgrade first then. and migratig to new server, go for 2012r2 or is 2016 also good? I am a little bit conservative with using the latest versions. I tend to wait until a few months of patches and updates are past.
an update:
I upgraded the mailserver this night (00:56 in NL) to 15.4.x without a problem
almost, after uninstalling SM14 the server unexpectedly rebooted. That was a bit stressful. 
So next fase will be prepping a new server with win2016 and SM and then move all the data etc.

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