Enter a canned reply as plain text with no formatting!
Problem reported by Radu Pirvu - 11/18/2016 at 3:01 AM
The canned reply feature uses the HTML language.  This language has set parameters involving how the data is displayed. The canned replies use <div> tags by default which automatically place an object on a new line. This is found unsatisfactory by us and our customers because from a visual stand point it seems that line is sent by the system instead of the person using the respective canned reply and the chat has a non-natural format for the interlocutor. The only solution is to manually edit and delete <div> tag each time before sending the line, but it is totally inefficient and time consuming affecting the actual scope of the canned reply which is intended to replace manual writing/editing and decrease the time of response.
Hello. Welcome to our Support Department!                      -->    INCORRECT
<Radu> Hello. Welcome to our Support Department!        -->   CORRECT

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