Signing emails through SMTP Relay
Question asked by Marc Ward - 11/11/2016 at 1:36 PM
I am having issues with SmarterMail signing emails sent through SMTP relaying.  I'm specifically setting up DKIM.
I've done the following:
  • The software sending the email is authenticating as a user in the domain
  • I've enabled every box I find about mail signing from Protocols through Domain User (enable outgoing mail signing
  • Tested sending an email from the web interface (HTML): Successful - received message with DKIM
  • Tested sending an email through SMTP: Failed - received message without any signing
I can't find anything about this issue in the documentation or a solution in the online resources.  How do I enable mail signing for emails relayed through SMTP?

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Lee Smith Replied

Did you ever get a response or a fix on this?


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