Mail goes to Unintended User Address
Problem reported by Jim Vaden - 11/8/2016 at 8:18 AM
We are seeing several cases of different users in Outlook sending to whom they thought were address A but instead it went to address B.  The only way we know how to fix is have the user delete the A address in their TO drop-list and retype it and that works, BUT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING IN THE FIRST PLACE?
Happening to several users on different domains under the same server.  Thanks!

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Employee Replied
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Hi Jim.  This sounds like an issue that was fixed in SmarterMail 15.3.6081.  Are you on at least this version?
  • Fixed: Syncing of the Global Address List using Sharepoint sync now functions correctly.
Jim Vaden Replied
Hi Rod...yes, we are actually on Enterprise Version 15.3.6109

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