URL based spam check?
Question asked by Ben Conner - October 31, 2016 at 9:53 AM
I would like to enable a custom spam filter I am writing for my Smartermail server, but it needs to be URL based vs dns based.  I'm not sure if SM has the ability to check a URL for a response vs a standard DNS check.

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Von-Austin See Replied
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SmarterMail does have support for URIBL's which check the URL's contained within messages, however the URL's are checked via a DNS call to the URIBL. 
These can be configured under Security -> Antispam Administration -> Spam Checks, then in the menu bar select Add URIBL. 
I hope this helps. 
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Hi Von,
Unfortunately that won't help in this context.  I want to know the from/to address for each email that comes in to my server, and use that with an algorithm I'm developing to alter the spam weight score.  There is a pattern I've seen over the long term that I think can identify a lot of the missed spam.  Ideally, would like to see the from/to/IP address combination.
This would be a lot easier if SM had a global filter list that I could update dynamically, but it doesn't.  In lieu of that, I might be able to update the content filters at each domain level.  What triggers refreshing those?  If an external process updated the xml file for the content filter list, would SM see it had been updated and re-read it?
I'm assuming an alternate approach would be to use the API to update them?  Or is that part of it?
u can create your own URIBL, using for example bind or simpledns or msdns
is easy ;-)
so, u can use your own URIBL on SM spam filter
and all domains and urls u can add/remove on your URIBL by scripting (php, .net , any )
[]'s Rodrigo Araujo
Best Regards,

[]´s Rodrigo Araujo

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