Mailing List: Weird characters in Reply-To address
Problem reported by Michael Stopnick - 10/28/2016 at 1:48 PM
Having some weird issues with our Mailing Lists. 
Current we have them setup as follows:
List To Address: List Address
List From Address: List Address    
List Reply To Address: Poster Address
Previously we had the "List From Address" set to "Poster Address". We changed it because users were complaining about the messages from the mailing list were being marked as spoofed.
Since doing this though we are seeing weird character in front of the Reply-To address when a user goes to reply to a message as shown below:
Seems to always be this "btv1==109faab57cc==". Any idea of where this is coming from?

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Michael Stopnick Replied
Any idea on what is causing this??? We are experiencing the same issue. 
We are on Version 15.0.5976

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