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Question asked by Hemen Shah - October 27, 2016 at 6:21 AM
I would like to use our current SM 15.x entp as only spam filtering gateway for one of the client domain who has inhouse exchange setup, they just want us to filter their emails for spam and mails will be delivered to their inhouse exchange location, how best can this be achieved and effective.

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Von-Austin See Replied
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To act as a spam filtering gateway, you will want to configure an Incoming gateway setup as a domain forward under Settings -> Routing -> Incoming Gateways.
Here, you can specify how you would like to handle spam as well by assigning actions for Spam-Low through Spam-High.
To ensure you are getting the most out of SmarterMails anti-spam filter I would strongly recommend reading through Bruce's anti-spam document here:
I hope this helps. 
Von See
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Hi Von,
I do see the incoming gateway settings under routing but would need further support on this.

Gateway mode - Domain Forward
IP address - Will this be primary IP of the client's exchange which is inhouse hosted ?
user verification - None (as we need to spam check all incoming traffic)
Enable SM Gateway - Not to tick
Domains - Specified Domain (particular domain)
Spam Action - What means Pass score to Smartermail ?

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