Mail Archival
Question asked by Devang Shah - October 24, 2016 at 11:07 PM
We have SM 15 Entp edition, we wish to give mail archival solution to around 15 users from one domain which has around 200 users
  1. How to give access of Backup mails to customer on daily / need based which either they can download from server or create Link or create secure login?
  2. Can user access backup files directly using any secure option?
  3. Can we only archive for few users from specific domain ?
  4. Can they search / index archive volume to search any particular mail ?
  5. can we integrate archived mails directly in Dropbox / Google Drive for easy sync?
  6. ours is a dedicated box for SM
  7. How to restore particular mail/s in to user's mail box?

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