Idea shared by Sérgio Rocha - October 21, 2016 at 3:44 PM
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HI Everyone,
I Know that now its not a best time to ask this kind of changes, ST is preparing the lunch of version 16, but i would like to see in roadmap.
This week i was working with Exim from cpanel and saw that they can do SNI in email services (POP/IMAP/SMTP), witch is very good to host different SSL/hosts communications in the same IP.
I like to propose to everyone to push this idea so we can have more clients using SSL with the need to bind a dedicates IP. (Witch dont work very well because the autodiscovery configuration).
We need this kind of enterprise solution for bigger clients and to promote the SSL use. We have lots of stolen password because users dont use SSL, and the bigger clients want a vanity configuration.

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Von-Austin See Replied
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I'll be glad to submit this as a feature request, I agree this would be a huge improvement to our existing SSL\TLS implementation. 
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Thanks Von-Austin See Shouldn't be simple but will be very nice to have and I'm very happy that ST consider the request.
What about using Let's Encrypt ( Seems like everyone is starting to use that now.
Let's keep the ball rolling, with the bellow PS, I can export the .pfx file with password to some folder where SM can grab it:
$CertPassword = '123456789'
$CertDNSName = '<domain name>'
$SecurePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString -String $CertPassword `
                                         -AsPlainText `
$CertFileFullPath = $(Join-Path (Split-Path -Parent 'D:\_Server\Cert\') "$CertDNSName.pfx")
$NewCert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\CurrentUser\My `
                                     -DnsName $CertDNSName
Export-PfxCertificate -FilePath $CertFileFullPath `
                      -Password $SecurePassword `
                      -Cert $NewCert
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Not sure about a BUMP (but agree). Just read the following article from Smarter Toolls
What I want to know is can we get Let's Encrypt when a domain is created that we create a Let's Encrypt so that every clients login is secured? This should be 100% seamless option. Can this be done?

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