Smartermail and Hyper V dynamic memory
Question asked by Jorge Kirsten - 10/21/2016 at 5:50 AM
Hello, I have a question about the operation of the SmarterMail service on servers that have dynamic memory.
The maximum memory that the service can use is defined in your startup based on the available memory on the server at the time?
Or there is no limitation on the service and it can use all memory that is needed?
If the server starts with 1 gb ram, when the mailservice.exe service up he will understand that the most he can use will be 1gb ram until the next restart or when the server expand the dynamic memory to 8GB say, he will understand now can consume more memory?
Server startup memory 1.5gb  maximum dinamic memory 10gb , current assigned 6gb 
mailservice.exe using 1.5gb 
SmarterMail enterprise 14.2.5711.
800 domains, 4300 users.

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Matthew Titley Replied
When dynamic memory is assigned, and as memory workloads within a VM increase or decrease, the hypervisor integration components pass that information on to the hypervisor host which then responds to the request based upon requests from other VM workloads and overall available physical memory.
The application does not manage memory allocation, the operating system in conjunction with the hypervisor tools/host does. So, in theory, if the application wants more memory, the VM OS will assign more up to the assigned limit, if it is available from the host. Check out this article for a little more info on how it works:
Von-Austin See Replied
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There's no hard capped limit on SmarterMails memory utilization, it will use as much memory as it's load demands based on the number of users, active connections, mailbox migrations, etc.
Matthew is correct here, SmarterMail will not instruct the HyperV host that more memory is needed, that is done between the VM's OS and the HyperV host.
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Jorge Kirsten Replied
Thanks !
Thats the answer that im looking for.
" There's no hard capped limit on SmarterMails memory utilization "
Thanks Matthew Titley , thanks Von-Austin See

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