Folders not syncing well in Outlook 2016 (last updates applied)
Problem reported by Lenny Estrin - 10/9/2016 at 3:13 AM
Yesterday we upgraded to newest Smartermail available from version 12.3 to resolve this issue, but it did not help.
So we have IMAP account set up in Outlook 2016 pointing to our Smartermail server.
I removed Outlook account and started sync from scratch after server Smartermail software was upgraded but the issue remains. Some folders are not same on server (webmail) and in Outlook. A lot of items missing.
How to troubleshoot this issue?
Secondly, I would like someone from Smartermail team to acknowledge that the correct way to set up IMAP account is leaving "Mark items for deletion but do not move them automatically"? When email is deleted, it is not removed immediately from inbox but rather marked with strikethrough. When this option is not active, emails can not be deleted at all - nothing happens on pressing "Del".
Please advise on both issues.
Thank you.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Probably don't have task this, but when you upgraded from 12.2 to 15 3.6109, did you uninstall the old version, reboot the server, and then install 15.3.6109? Did you also disable the built-in, SmarterMail web services, and are all of the ports, and has the FQDN of the primary SmarterMail MX server properly mapped to the PUBLIC IP address of the MX server configuration.? As Microsoft continues to modify, and update, the Outlook 2016 "features," they're creating myriad new headaches for non-Office MX servers. Their goal is to make Outlook 100% cloud based, sort of what they've shoved down the throats of the auto Windows 10 Professional updates, requiring an Internet connection just to login to your laptop or desktop.
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Lenny Estrin Replied
Yes, major upgrade was done according to official instructions Smartermail provides.
We do have the new version running well, I do not see any issues with upgrading.
Lenny Estrin Replied
Should I raise ticket about this issues or wait here for answer? As time progresses we are seeing more issues with Outlook 2016 and IMAP to Smartermail newest. What we expect is Smartermail behaving similiary to Exchange server software.

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