Mailbox Size Limit Reached But Still Can Send/Receive Email
Problem reported by Sze Huai Siow - October 2, 2016 at 6:33 PM
I had this strange behaviour - I set the Mailbox Size Limit of my user to 1024MB and his mailbox size is not around 17xxMB. However, I notice he can still send and receive email both internally and externally.
The only different now compare before I enforce the limit is that his outlook now no longer keep his sent items.
Any idea ?
My current setup of SmarterMail as below:
1. My corporate mail is hosted in our local hosting company.
2. My SmarterMail is setup to download mail from the hosting company via the "Message Retrieval" function in individual users.
3. For all outgoing mail, it uses Outgoing Gateways as the outgoing mail server via SMTP.

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