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Question asked by Matthew Titley - 9/9/2016 at 8:58 AM
Customer asked me today if there is any way to grant a user domain admin privileges for creating accounts and so forth, but restrict their ability to gain access to the domain's message archive. I poked around and see no ability to do this. Makes sense that there should be the ability to assign certain permissions and restrict others. Is there a way to do this in SM 15.x?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Domain Admins will only have access to Message Archive Search if a specific rule is set for their domain. So, if you have 5 domains, and have archiving set up for All Domains, then the individual domain admins will not be able to search the archive. If you have it set to All Domains, but also add Domain1.com, then only the domain admin for Domain1 will be able to search the archive. 
So to answer your question, while it's not possible to modify permissions for individual domain admins, you can limit access to all domain admins by removing the rule set for that domain. 
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Sam Wanyoike Replied
We also need this feature at domain level. It would be important when having several admins for a certain domain, limit some features.
For example Email Archiving, clients have requested we make it available to specific admins of the domain. This is a sensitive feature, and currently all admins for a domain automatically have access to Email Archiving, which means can access every message including confidential ones. It's one of the best SM features, and only missing function is being able to limit it to specific admins/users.
Another example, could be limiting some admins to create, modify or delete users, such as make it read-only for them.

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