Include the MESSAGE-ID in Delivery LOG or Delivery LOG session in MESSAGE-ID detailed LOG
Idea shared by CLEBER SAAD - September 7, 2016 at 7:08 PM
I'd like to suggest to put the message-id at delivery log session or to put the delivery log session at message-id detailed LOG.
Some RBL only send the message-id to identity the spam and without this information at LOG file it's not possible to identify if using a SmarterMail has outbound gateway.

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Yes, even I enable Detailed in Message Id in SmarterMail admin log setting.
The delivery or SMTP logs do not contain the Message Id
RBL, e.g., shows the Message Id only.
It is difficult to proof which domain is sending spam.
You'll see this in the next 16 minor. We will only show messageid in the SMTP logs if it's provided by the sending server. We always show the messageID for a local delivery in the delivery logs.
Example from SMTP
[2017.12.19] 14:40:19 [][6642073] Data transfer succeeded, writing mail to 513980188002.eml (MessageID: <messageid>)
Example from Delivery
[2017.12.19] 14:40:26 [88002] End delivery to (MessageID: <messageid>)
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