Delay when mail gets forwarded to another email address.
Question asked by Brandon Adams - September 7, 2016 at 6:32 AM
We noticed a delay when an email forwards to an email address that forwards somewhere else.
Message goes to EmailAdd1 which forwards to EmailAdd2 which forwards to EmailAdd3.  We have a few cases where we need it configured like this but having an delay happen for these will cause issues.
Other than reducing the retry timer, is there another setting that may have been missed that can adjust the delay from forwarded messages?  The logs aren't showing any problems but the spool shows it waiting until the retry timer ends and then sends it.  This happens with any email that has two forwards, it doesn't matter the destination.

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Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Brandon. I just tried this same scenario with four account, all forwarding on, and had no issue. Are these mail accounts all local to the SmarterMail installation?
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Some of them are.
EmailA (local) -> EmailB(Local) -> EmailC(Exchange server)
We had this same config setup on our old mail server and never had any type of delay, but every time with SmarterMail we see those messages get a delay.  In the spool it shows waiting and once the retry timer ends they go through.  On the Exchange side we aren't seeing an attempt until the retry timer ends, so the second forward isn't even being attempted yet.

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