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Idea shared by Michael Muller - August 23, 2016 at 6:32 AM

Recently there has been a spate of spam coming in to my server using local domains in the from. For instance, a customer of mine, (ie; is receiving several dozen emails From: -- an email address that does not exist. I have the same problem on one of my own domains. Dozens per day. Especially of the "Your invoice" variety containing bad, bad attachments.

Can SM be modified to recognize local domains and do a check to see if the From: account exists, and if not, treat it as spam? Seems pretty simple.

All email servers should work like this, but of course that would be a massive performance hit.

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Michael, this issue is very common and comes up all the time:
Look at the first thread above, and see Joe Wolf's reply. That should fix your problem.
The issue is the SmarterMail configuration is not simple.  The setting Joe referenced is hard to find, difficult to understand, and IMO should be eliminated. Instead, this existing check box at the domain level should require SMTP Auth for all users. Period.
Eliminating the local deliveries check box will make SM easier to set up and more hardened against spammers.
The SMTP IN antispam settings page in my antispam document will probably help you figure this out further.
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